We are ABOUT safe driving!

After retiring and moving to Atlanta, I took a job driving Uber. Uber requires downloading their GPS app to your mobile phone. The problem I found was all phone mounts are not close enough resulting in having to hold my phone while changing lanes and trying to be cordial to my passengers all at the same time.

I knew there had to be better way to display the map and have access to my phone. So, in my spare time I rigged up a crazy device that could hold my phone securely and directly in front of me while maintaining an upright position even when my steering wheel was turning. 

This was the answer for me and I could finally relax and concentrate on the road, see my GPS close-up and communicate with my passengers comfortably. Then I found that many of my passengers were asking if Uber provided me with the device on my steering wheel and if not, where could they get one.

 At that point I realized that I could contribute something to safe driving by eliminating distraction for drivers everywhere. Even though the device would have to be placed on top of the airbag cover, I still thought it was much safer to have it rather than not.So, I spent two years developing the product to be light, durable and user friendly for everyone. I proceeded to apply for a patent and now many drivers are now feeling safer. I do want to make it clear about the danger of placing anything over the airbag cover but want to remind everyone that holding a phone in your hand while driving can cause an accident and if the airbag should deploy while holding your phone will also be an extremely dangerous. So, for me, by eliminating distraction in the first place is the best solution.