Go-Vuu™ Comes With:

1- Go-Vuu™ Device                                

2 - Smaller Velcro Circles

  • One to be placed as high as possible on the back of your phone without interfering with your camera.
  • The second one is an extra one to give to someone else for their phone who uses your car.

1 - Large Velcro Circle  (To be placed on the center of your steering wheel)

    1 - “U” Shaped Velcro 

    • If your phone has controls high on the back, use the “U” shape to surround the controls permitting the Velcro to be placed toward the top of your phone.

    Note: keeping the Velcro pieces toward the top allows the weight of your phone to keep a vertical position when your steering wheel turns.


    Clean and dry the surface of the center of your steering wheel and the back of your phone before placing Velcro applications.

    Placement of Adhesives

    If your phone has controls on the side, place one of the included small round fasteners high on the back of your phone.

    How To Apply Adhesives

    Peel the tape from the fasteners and press firmly into place on your steering wheel and on the back of your phone, case or cover.

    Note: Wait at least 15 minutes before attaching the GO-VUU™ to your steering wheel and your phone to the GO-VUU™. Adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours.

    How to Clean and Remove Adhesive (If Necessary): We recommend using citrus-based cleaner to remove any remaining adhesive. There are several products available to remove the adhesive gum. Sometimes it is not necessary to use anything other than just rubbing off the residue.

    How To Get Extra Adhesives: If you should ever need additional VELCRO, Walmart sells 1-1/8" square VELCRO® in packs of 4 with industrial strength which is needed for only $2.98.