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The Number of UBER Drivers in the United States

Earlier this year, Uber co-founder Garrett Camp piqued our interest by mentioning casually that Uber provides “flexible work options” to 2 million drivers. And in the post, he also mentions 65 million riders.
The US is one of Uber’s biggest markets, since Uber was taken over by Didi in China. Uber is in another large market, India, and had 400,000 drivers in 29 cities as of December 2016. In addition, many drivers in India also driver for the larger competitor, Ola.
In 2014, Uber announced that they had over 160,000 active drivers in the United States, and that number doubled in 2015 to 327,000 drivers. Assuming Uber continued doubling every year, by the end of 2017, Uber should have around 1.3 million drivers in the US. And if we extrapolate the worldwide figure of 2 million drivers from June of 2017, we can assume that ber is nearing 3 million drivers worldwide right now.
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